Biz Ninja – Theme Forest

Check out my new theme “Biz Ninja” on themeforest.net.

Biz Ninja is a clean and professional business site perfect for any company. This classic design with tabbed navigation can be easily modified to meet your needs.

Lots of links? Have no fear Biz Ninja comes complete with an accordion menu (jQuery).

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Ninja Site – Theme Forest

Check out my new theme “Ninja Site” on themeforest.net.

New free vectors on the way… it has Ben Blogged!

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So What Do You Do?

A friend sent this to me not long ago (sorry I don’t know the original source) and I thought it was pretty funny.  Hope you all enjoy… it has Ben Blogged!

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Snowboarder Mag – Accessories Guide

If anyone gets the chance make sure to check out the October issue of Snowboarder magazine… yours truly designed the accessories section. It has Ben Blogged.

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Blog Action Day 2008

Blog Action Day 2008 is a worthy endeavor to encourage bloggers to ”DO Something About Poverty Right Now”. If you really think about it if you are reading this post you have a computer and are therefore better off then millions of people. Maybe tomorrow don’t purchase an orange mocha frappuccino (Zoolander… best movie ever) and donate that money to poverty… It has Ben Blogged.

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