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Ninja Admin – Theme Forest

I am happy to announce my first theme “Ninja Admin ” on themeforest.net. Theme Forest is a great resource for website templates, WordPress themes, and much more. It has Ben Blogged!

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Google Chrome

Just in case you have not heard Google will soon be entering the browser game!  I just hope it lives up to all the hype.  You can sign up through Google to be notified when “Chrome” is released.  It has Ben Blogged.

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Free – Royalty Free High Resolution Tape Image

It has to be said that a bit of craft is great fun. Fiddling around with real life objects (as opposed to digital ones) is not only enjoyable but also allows you to create some fantastic digital effects that would be very hard to make using only Photoshop (although of course a bit of polishing on the computer will help to make the final project look even better). It’s amazing what a bit of tape will do – and it’s cheap too.

I’m not saying that these tape images are suitable for O2 or BP or some super corporate company, but they look great on a blog like mine – or yours! When you’ve got the hang of creating your own tape images you can go on to create other similar pictures. Different shades and textures of paper, stamps, packaging and postcards all make great resources. Get creatin’ folks.

I hope you enjoy this royalty free high resolution tape image. Tutorial to follow soon, it has Ben Blogged! (use this image for personal or commercial work but please do not redistribute or sell this file)


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Best Free Icons

I had a friend ask me how to spice up his latest web design project… He had a very solid layout and color scheme but it was lacking details! Simple details such as texture, line, or in this case icons can often be the missing building block to a spectacular website. The following links are some of my favorite free icons and icon sites. I hope you enjoy, it has Ben Blogged!


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Cushy CMS

If you have ever tried to build a custom CMS using PHP and MySQL (and you are not a programmer) it can be a confusing and long project. I have started really getting into this sort of thing but more because I just like learning. If you want to create a quick, easy, user friendly, and FREE CMS for yourself or a client you need to check out Cushy CMS. I just set it up on my latest project and I was blow away. If you have a lot of clients you can even upgrade to the pro version and brand the CMS as your own. Sometimes the easy way is the best way so for sure check it out, but don’t give up on your superhero PHP programming skills! It has Ben Blogged…

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