Free Vector Zombies – Halloween

Watch out for these free vector Zombies because they will eat your brains. I thought I would do this and maybe one more Halloween set since we have about a week or so left. Any requests? It has beeeeen bloooooogged!



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Blog Action Day – Yesterday

Well I am a day late but better late then never. Blog Action Day is a day when “bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone’s mind – the environment.” For Blog Action Day I would just like to ask everyone to do something positive for the environment maybe pick up some trash, recycle some cans, or even just walk to the store. It doesn’t have to be anything big because every little bit does help. Well once again Ben Blogged has helped to save the environment… a day late, and this one has Ben Blogged.

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Template Tower – Free and Deluxe CSS Templates

I am pleased to announce my latest project, Template Tower. This site is your source free and deluxe W3C standards compliant and valid CSS/XHTML Templates. I was going to have free templates as part of Ben Blogged but decided to keep them in their own area.


Right now there are three Free CSS Templates and three Deluxe CSS Templates. I have a ton of sites designed and a bunch almost done so make sure you check it out and come back often. It has Ben Blogged.

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Free Vector Musical Instruments

Well, I decided to create some free vector musical instruments this weekend. The style of these vectors is fairly easy to create and the results are very unique. All it takes is a steady hand and a slight adjustment in your thinking.



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Food For Thought

I check cssmania.com every morning to get my mind warmed up and also to see what other designers are creating. It’s important to stay current with trends and to be inspired but when does “inspiration” become something else? Not long ago I was very impressed with a new blog site called blogsolid.com. I thought the design, colors, layout, and attention to detail were great.


Today I came across a site that had a very similar layout at www.bulletproofideas.com.



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