Free Thanksgiving Vector Turkey 2

I hope you all enjoyed my first Free Thanksgiving Turkey but just in case you were looking for something a bit more traditional check out this vector Turkey variation.  Also check back soon, a few new vector sets almost complete… it has Ben Blogged.


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Ninja Site – Theme Forest

Check out my new theme “Ninja Site” on themeforest.net.

New free vectors on the way… it has Ben Blogged!

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Ninja Admin – Theme Forest

I am happy to announce my first theme “Ninja Admin ” on themeforest.net. Theme Forest is a great resource for website templates, WordPress themes, and much more. It has Ben Blogged!

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Free Thanksgiving Vector Turkey

Straight talking turkey… I hope you all enjoy this free Thanksgiving turkey vector.  I thought this guy looked really emo, can’t blame him he is about to be dinner.  It has Ben Blogged!


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So What Do You Do?

A friend sent this to me not long ago (sorry I don’t know the original source) and I thought it was pretty funny.  Hope you all enjoy… it has Ben Blogged!

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