Free Tattoo Vector Set

Well once again things have been crazy at Elegant Seagulls, but better crazy busy then slow. Some of you may have noticed that Ben Premium is no longer being advertised on the site… unfortunately I did not have the time to expand my little side business beyond the launch. With that being said I am releasing the entire tattoo vector set FREE. I hope you enjoy, it has Ben Blogged!

Free Vector Tattoo Set – EPS

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Business Card Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to Dominic Tancredi and Brandon the winners of the Ben Blogged and Allbusinesscards.com business card giveaway… please remember to support our fine sponsor! It has Ben Blogged.

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New Elegant Seagulls Design

New Elegant Seagulls Design website launched! It has Ben Blogged.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Years everyone… sorry for the lack of recent posts, the end of the year has been crazy and I just got engaged on the 30th!  Should be back in full swing now that the holiday season is winding down.  It has Ben Blogged.

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Do you remember hot or not? I had a potential client contact me the other day about doing some web work. I always wonder and sometimes ask how someone finds out about my services. This client had stumbled upon a site of mine on CommandShift3 which is basically “hot or not” for websites.



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