PHP Contact Form With Loading Icon – Video Tutorial

In this php video tutorial we will create a working contact form with form validation and an animated loading icon (animated gif) displayed using jQuery. Demo


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Beginner Illustrator Tutorial – Concentric Circles

Beginner Illustrator video tutorial on how to create punk rock circles (concentric circles).

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Onclick Javascript – Remove Value From Form Field

Using Javascript onclick you can easily remove or change the value (text) of an input field found in your html form.


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Photo With Custom Drop Shadow + Tape – Photoshop Video Tutorial

Step by step Photoshop video tutorial on how to create a taped down image with a custom drop shadow.


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Spring Cleaning

Some of you may have noticed over the last few days I have been doing some “spring cleaning” on Ben Blogged. I know posts have been sparse lately but I have some great news… can you say video tutorials! I not only want to rejuvenate Ben Blogged but expand it. Get ready for free tutorials on Photoshop, Illustrator, CSS, PHP and more. I will also be including finished files to correspond with each project. It has Ben Blogged!

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