Ben Premium Vectors

Ben Blogged proudly announces the addition of Ben Premium Vectors – your trusted source for vector graphics!

The premier, deluxe set priced at 5 dollars consists of 16 hand drawn, hand traced tattoo inspired graphics that are an especially hot design element in today’s market.

Never fear fans of Ben Blogged… Quality vectors will continue to be offered free of charge, but if you are curious please take a moment to check out the new premium sets for variety and value. There is also a free demo vector from the set available for download! It has Ben Blogged.

Ben Premium Vectors

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Crazy Creative Video

I saw this video the other day and was blown away! I love everything about it, the style, the motion, and the creativity….“living art”! This must have taken a ton of time and planning to execute. I hope you enjoy, it has Ben Blogged!

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Cushy CMS

If you have ever tried to build a custom CMS using PHP and MySQL (and you are not a programmer) it can be a confusing and long project. I have started really getting into this sort of thing but more because I just like learning. If you want to create a quick, easy, user friendly, and FREE CMS for yourself or a client you need to check out Cushy CMS. I just set it up on my latest project and I was blow away. If you have a lot of clients you can even upgrade to the pro version and brand the CMS as your own. Sometimes the easy way is the best way so for sure check it out, but don’t give up on your superhero PHP programming skills! It has Ben Blogged…

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15,000 Photohsop Layers!

I was cleaning out my email the other day when I stumbled upon one in particular that sparked my memory. The firs time I saw the work “Damen” by Bert Monroy I was blown away. His photo realistic Photoshop work is insane, creative, and downright awe-inspiring. Bert’s work is not only beautiful but a reminder of the importance in labeling layers, using folders, and staying organized. It has Ben Blogged!

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Adobe TV

I am a bit embarrassed because the first time I saw this site I just clicked right out, but recently I took a second glance and was pleasantly surprised. Adobe TV has all sorts of educational videos from categories including photographer, designer, video professional, developer, and programs. This site is a great way to pick up some tricks, stay current with Adobe, and kill some time. It has Ben Blogged!


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