5 Free Horizontal CSS Menus

These are five common horizontal CSS menus and some my favorites. Each navigation menu includes all the necessary images/code and is built using valid CSS and XHTML. Feel free to edit these however you see fit. Menu number 4 uses the sliding door technique so I included the Photoshop file. I tried to create a wide array of styles, hope you enjoy.



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Premium CSS Templates Now $25 – New Template Surfer

All Deluxe CSS Templates are now only $25 and there is a new addition, Template Surfer. This premium template includes not only a working newsletter form but also a fully functioning php contact form. I have another Deluxe and Free CSS Template on the way as well so get ready.



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Template Tower – Free and Deluxe CSS Templates

I am pleased to announce my latest project, Template Tower. This site is your source free and deluxe W3C standards compliant and valid CSS/XHTML Templates. I was going to have free templates as part of Ben Blogged but decided to keep them in their own area.


Right now there are three Free CSS Templates and three Deluxe CSS Templates. I have a ton of sites designed and a bunch almost done so make sure you check it out and come back often. It has Ben Blogged.

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CSS Alpha Hover Effect

Creating a rollover image with css is not all that difficult to do. Typically people will simply change the hover state or use the sliding door technique in order to avoid that in between flicker…but with just a simple bit of css code you can create a time saving and slick alternative!



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