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Adobe TV

I am a bit embarrassed because the first time I saw this site I just clicked right out, but recently I took a second glance and was pleasantly surprised. Adobe TV has all sorts of educational videos from categories including photographer, designer, video professional, developer, and programs. This site is a great way to pick up some tricks, stay current with Adobe, and kill some time. It has Ben Blogged!


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What is your SEO grade?

When if comes to SEO are you a bookworm or the class clown? I have been doing more and more research about SEO (search engine optimization) as of late and found a really great resource, the Website Grader! This site gives you a score out of 100 compared to the over 200,000 sites that have used their service. Yesterday for example Ben Blogged received a 92% while Elegant Seagulls Design got only a 74%. The data generated from this free service is not only detailed but also gives suggestions of how to improve your score. You can also compare and contrast your competitor’s sites by entering them at the same time. Having a top SEO rank is a great way to increase traffic to your site and therefore potentially more clients! It has Ben Blogged!


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How to Be a Rockstar Freelancer

Well if you were not on the mailing list or are not familiar with FreelanceSwitch then make sure you check out the site and also their new book How to Be a Rockstar Freelancer. If you are just starting out or a seasoned vet the more information at your finger tips the better. This book covers such topics as, You as a Brand, Calculating Your Hourly Rate, Subcontracting, and Staying on Top of Your Game. With over 4 years or freelance experience under my belt I still plan on picking up this great resource. Click here to view more details


Hope you enjoy the book; let me know what you think. I plan on writing an in-depth review once I receive my copy. It has Ben Blogged!

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Create a Clickable div

Making a div clickable is a great way to cut out the traditional “home” button. All you need is a div and a tiny bit of code in order to allow your viewers a quick and simple way back home.


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5 Free Horizontal CSS Menus

These are five common horizontal CSS menus and some my favorites. Each navigation menu includes all the necessary images/code and is built using valid CSS and XHTML. Feel free to edit these however you see fit. Menu number 4 uses the sliding door technique so I included the Photoshop file. I tried to create a wide array of styles, hope you enjoy.



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