Pixelmator is Here!

Well I will not be the first to tell you about the launch of Pixelmator and I will not be the last. So what is Pixelmator some of you may be asking? “Pixelmator, the beautifully designed, easy-to-use, fast and powerful image editor for Mac OS X has everything you need to create, edit and enhance your images.” I downloaded the trial version and as a die hard Photoshop fan I must say I was very impressed. Many of the tools are almost identical to those found in Photoshop … but I did discover tons of really cool features in only the first five minutes. On the downside if you are a hard core Photoshop user it can really mess you up having different short cuts and having to search for what you want to accomplish. I have not purchased a copy yet but for only $59 I don’t see how I can afford not to. Anyways check it out and let me know what you think. Ben Blogged!

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Free Vector Halloween Heads

With Halloween just around the corner I figured it was about time for some seasonal vectors. These should be a good starting point for some really creepy crawly designs. This set contains a few different heads that can be broken apart to create your very own killer zombie. If people seem to like these vectors I will do another Halloween set… it has Beeeeeen Blooooogggged!



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Welcome Vector Stock

I just wanted to welcome my latest sponsor Vector Stock! This site has tons of well priced vectors from many talented artists, even yours truly has a few things on the site. Vector Stock is growing fast so if you’re looking to buy or sell vector art make sure you check it out.

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Stripe Mania

I was going to have a tutorial on how to create repeating stripped backgrounds and then I came across an amazing site that does it for you. Stripemania.com has a real slick stripe generator that lets you adjust the stripe width, spacing, colors, and orientation. This is a really great time saving tool for any designer! Can you say it has Ben Blogged.


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Free Vector Art – Clouds

It seems like there are a lot of designers out there that don’t sketch before a project. Even if you have your design mentally planned out I would still suggest some sort of drawing. Sketching can really develop a project and also help you remember an idea later. I found a drawing of one of these clouds (bet you can pick it out) and decided on a new vector set. I hope everyone can find a way to use this free vector art.



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