Free Halloween Vector Zombies 2

I thought I would keep the tradition alive and release a new free hand drawn Halloween vector zombie. Remember zombies are very strong but move slow… It has Beeeeenn Bloooooogged.


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Snowboarder Mag – Accessories Guide

If anyone gets the chance make sure to check out the October issue of Snowboarder magazine… yours truly designed the accessories section. It has Ben Blogged.

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Blog Action Day 2008

Blog Action Day 2008 is a worthy endeavor to encourage bloggers to ”DO Something About Poverty Right Now”. If you really think about it if you are reading this post you have a computer and are therefore better off then millions of people. Maybe tomorrow don’t purchase an orange mocha frappuccino (Zoolander… best movie ever) and donate that money to poverty… It has Ben Blogged.

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Free Hand Drawn Vector Wings

These free hand drawn vector wings are to commemorate the purchase of my new Bamboo Wacom Tablet. Not sure why I waited so long to get one of these treasures but when I saw the Bamboo for only $100 I had to have it. If you don’t have one these get on it. The coolest thing is that the pad not only reads your strokes but also the pressure simulating how you actually draw. Anyways enjoy my little test project, more to come… it has Ben Blogged.


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1,000 Business Card Giveaway Contest

UPrinting has been generous enough to give away 250 business cards shipped free to 4 lucky Ben Blogged fanatics. You can pick out any combination of business cards you want including type of stock (even the eco friendly stock), finish or size. What a great way to promote your design, coding or web services.

Uprinting has been printing business cards for the past 25 years so make sure you check them out.

How do you win? Simply comment about what you would use the cards for if you won. Then the winners will be chosen at random in one week. Please make sure you provide a valid email address! Good luck, it has Ben Blogged!

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