Animated CSS Homer

So is stumbled on this the other day and was blown away… not just by the fact it was built using only CSS but also watching it come to life with jQuery. This might be considered old news in the design world but it was new to me so there must be others out there who missed it. Straight up crazy, it has Ben Blogged!

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Free Vector Skulls Band

I had a lot of fun creating this free vector skull band. I hope people can find a use for it. I really want to do a lot of these quick fun vectors so if anyone has any ideas/requests let me know. It has Ben Blogged!


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Google Chrome

Just in case you have not heard Google will soon be entering the browser game!  I just hope it lives up to all the hype.  You can sign up through Google to be notified when “Chrome” is released.  It has Ben Blogged.

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PsD Photoshop Disasters

I came across PsD Disasters the other day and had a blast going through the site. I am no Photoshop master but some of these mistakes are just lazy and hilarious, I was literally laughing out loud.

Also a little note, I am working on some fun new free vectors and other exciting stuff so get ready…it has Ben Blogged!

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Vector Ink Splatters

My buddy over at Neno Design has released a great set of 20 vector ink splatters that are for sure worth checking out. Even if you are not into the splatters Neno also offers a wide variety of free vector graphics. I has Ben Blogged!

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