Free T-Shirt and Sweatshirt Template

If you are designing a t-shirt or sweatshirt graphic it can be a huge help not only to you but also the client to see where that design will be placed. This free t-shirt and sweatshirt illustrator template can really save you a lot of time and headache. Using these templates is also very helpful and necessary when you send finalized graphics to be printed.



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Embed A Google Map

If you’re a freelance Web Designer like me at some point you will have to create a Google Map. Embedding Google maps used to be a big time hassle, lucky for us its now way easier. Lets make our clients happy!


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Welcome Go Media’s Arsenal

Just wanted to welcome Go Media to the Ben Blogged family. This Site has tons of amazing vectors; I especially like the Ornate Set and the Scrolls Set. So if you need some vectors to go along with all your Ben Blogged freebies check it out. It’s Ben Blogged!

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Free Vector Skulls

This set of free vector skulls will give everyone an opportunity to get a little punk rock. Skulls like this can be great little accents to a montage masterpiece or the vocal point of your work. So put on some Misfits and use these free vector skulls in any way you see fit. Take a design risk and do something unique and interesting!



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Free Vector Combination

In my post about Free Vector Wings I talked about how you could make a really cool coat of arms design by combining elements from different freebie packs. Well I decided to give it a try myself.



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